Monthly Archive March 2015

ByJohn Bjornstad

Becoming Independent

Now that the the students have been working on the airplane for nearly six months, they have become more independent, they have developed the fundamental skills to use while working on aircraft and they have learned a great deal about our aircraft the Kitfox and what the necessary requirements are to get it flying.

This week was a a turning point as all the kids were now able to work on their own projects without an instructor always looking over their shoulder. They showed up motivated to work and stayed on task the entire session.

Fabricating Radio Mount

We also had a visitor from Argentina on Tuesday. Merecedes has helped us for several years at EAA’s Airventure and this year she moved to the states to attend college, so while on her spring break she decided to pop in and give us a hand.

Fabric Repair

More Fabric Repair

ByJohn Bjornstad

Warming Up

Spring came early this year. The warm weather has allowed us to address the required fabric repairs on the trailing edge of the wings.

When the Kitfox was donated into the program this past year it was already covered. The original owner had completed the work in the early 90’s and since then there had been an Airworthiness Directive (AD) issued pertaining to the ribs on both wings. The AD stated that there have been reports of ribs cracking under above average side loading and that the inboard and outboard ribs needed to be modified. As a result the side loading on the ribs have increased from being able to withstand 12 G’s to 24 G’s. Anyway we completed the modification weeks ago, but the cold weather kept us from repairing the fabric we cut in order to access the ribs. Now that it warmed up this week, we began patching the wings and feel like we might only be weeks away from having an airworthy aircraft!

Installing Push to Talk switches