Nearly Complete

ByJohn Bjornstad

Nearly Complete

The project is really starting to come together. This week we spent most of our time finishing up a few of the projects we had been working on in previous weeks. Since the instrument panel is too small for a conventional (in dash) radio, we had to get creative. Eric has been working on fabricating a leather mount for our handheld radio over the last couple weeks and on Tuesday he finished it and was able to fasten it to left side of the instrument panel. Jake who has been working on multiple projects finished and installed the glare shield and slip indicator. And Karl and Owen continued repairing the fabric on the wings.


Owen our newest and youngest (13) student was curious about sheet-metal fabrication. He asked if he could make a side project, so I asked him what he wanted to make and he told me it was a secret! Anyway we agreed on some dimensions and I got him started on how to use the shear and brake and Duane showed him how to buck a few rivets.

Using the shear

As we near completion I can say that this has been a fun and worthwhile project. It feels good teaching the kids something new and its been an exciting adventure. We are already searching for new projects for next year and we hope to continue this program for years to come.

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