About Us


Flight Expo’s Mission is to educate and engage individuals about the different facets of Aviation.

Our Story

Flight Expo, Inc., was founded by a small group of enthusiasts interested in aircraft education and aircraft preservation. It was created due to the interest generated by participation in educational seminars at the Sport Aviation Conferences held at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 1994 – 2000. These seminars included presentations on experimental aircraft, aviation history, model planes, hot air balloons, aerobatics, war birds, air racing, antique aircraft, seaplanes, modern composite construction techniques, and avionics technology.

The organization was responsible for the construction of a 1903 Wright Flyer replica as part of the United States Centennial (the 100 year anniversary) of Flight. (Full size reproduction) This aircraft has been on display in the Twin Cities area since 2003.

Flight Expo, Inc. was the recipient of a part of Aviation History when it received the Tsunami Race Aircraft in October of 2013. Tsunami is a one of a kind race plane designed to become the fastest propeller driven aircraft ever built.

In October, 2014 we kicked off our first youth Build A Plane program. This is a nationally recognized program, where students ages 12 to 18, restore or build full size aircraft. Check out our current projects here.

If you or anyone else you know are interested in being a part of either of our programs you can contact us at info@flightexpo.org or 763-568-3360.