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From the President: At a family gathering this last week, it was asked what does the Build A Plane program offer?

Drilling: Many youths have never experienced how to handle a drill. There is various techniques for the different metals you will be drilling on.

Welding: The kids love this! They are able to put a welding helmet on and under the supervision of Duane Kruse - weld various types of practice welds on numerous types of metal fabrications.

Metal Fabrication: John has been able to teach the kids how to form ribs for the aircraft we are re-building. It is a slow and loud technique -

Problem Solving: With any area that the kids work in there will be that time when they need to step back and ask - what do I need to do to make this happen.

Other types of equipment that the kids have been able to work with this quarter is: Sheet Metal Shear, Sheet Metal Brake, Drill Press, Sandblaster to name a few.

The biggest concern about running the Build A Plane program is financing for nine months and into the summer months. This year’s funding for the Build A Plane program was:

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More instructors are needed. Last year we had 4-5 kids regularly, this year we are up to 8 - 9 kids on any given night or week end. Currently, John, myself and Duane help where needed in each class. John is FE’s Build A Plane project coordinator. The students arrive at 5:30pm and John already has stations for them in what he would like them to do. Duane will help pull one at a time to learn another skill. Myself - I take directions from John. Which goes to say - YES we do need more hands to help with the kids. Please consider helping to enrich the youth of today.

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